The German K-Wagen Tank

The German K-Wagen Tank

The German K-Wagen Tank was Germany’s lost role of the dice to produce a beast of tank that was large enough to breach the allies lines, much like the British Mk I Tank had done to them in 1916. The vehicle was ordered in to production at the end of 1917, but by the wars end only two incomplete prototypes had been built.

The Overall dimensions where huge and was estimated to have been over 150 tonnes in weight if finished proving serious issues in both off-road and strategic mobility resulting in that the vehicle would be transported by train in four sections and reassembled near the front line.

The vehicles size also allowed for an overall increase of firepower compared to the British Tanks. It would have carried four 77mm main guns and several MG’s.


Armament: x4 77mm & x7 7.92mm MG
Armour: 30mm steel (frontal)
Crew: Up to x22
Dimensions: Length 12.9m / Width 6.1m  / Height 2.89m
Weight: 150+ tonne (estimated)
Engine: x2 650hp Daimer-Benz diesels
Top Road Speed: 7.5km/h (estimated)
Operational Range: Unknown