The German Leichttraktor VK-31 Light Tank

German Leichttraktor VK-31 Light Tank

The Treaty Of Versailles placed restrictions upon Germany to disarm and to not develop military equipment after the Great War (World War 1). However during the 1920’s Germany continued to conduct secret development of tank prototypes and testing them in Russia.

The German Leichttraktor VK-31 Light Tank was one of these designs. As part of its cover, the vehicle was described as a light tractor, which translated in to German was “Leichttraktor”. The engine was located in the front of the vehicle and the turret at the rear. Prototypes were built by both German companies Rheinmetall and Krupps. Rheinmetall won the production order of 289 vehicles around 1928, however the order was subsequently cancelled as better lighter tank designs came along.


Armament: x1 37mm Main Gun & x1 7.92mm MG
Armour: 14mm steel (frontal)
Crew: x2 or 3?
Dimensions: Length 4.32m / Width 2.26m  / Height 2.27m
Weight: 9.65 tonne
Engine: 100hp petrol
Top Road Speed: 35km/h
Operational Range: Unknown