The German Maus Super Heavy Tank

German for Mouse, The German Maus Super Heavy Tank was a pet project of Hitler’s, in a continuing effort to develop ever increasing lethality and protection.

First ordered in 1942, it weighted a mind boggling and impractical 188 tonnes! Which of  course meant it was near on impossible to transport the vehicle over bridges nor find a suitable powerpack.

Two prototypes were built and only one had both the 128mm main gun and 75mm coaxial gun. Porsche originally received an order for 150, however this was cancelled in 1943. Of the prototypes, only one remains and is on display in a Moscow Museum.

The German Maus Super Heavy Tank Spec’s

Armament: 1x 128mm Main Gun and 1x coaxial 75mm and 1x 7.92mm MG
Armour: 200mm (hull)
Crew: 5
Dimensions: Length 10.09m / Width 3.67m / Height 3.66m
Weight: 188 tonnes
Engine: Mercedes-Benz MB509 V12 petrol 1080hp
Speed: 20km/h
Range: 186km