The German UR-416 4×4 Wheeled APC

The German UR-416 4×4 Wheeled APC

The German UR-416 4×4 Wheeled APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier) was designed in the 1960’s by the former German firm Rheinstahl Maschinenbau (now a subsidiary of Rheinmetall Landsysteme). Its an armoured structure capable of withstanding Machine Gun fire, mounted on a MOWAG chassis. Troops embark via side and rear doors.

The vehicle can be fitted with optional equipment like a front ram for clearing obstacles as well as  heavy Machine Guns mounted on the roof and operated by the crew via roof hatches.

The first prototype was completed in 1965 and production (totalling 1000+) started in 1969.

Known operators have included

Argentina, Ecuador, el Salvador, Germany, Greece, Kenya, morocco, Netherlands, Pakistan, Peru, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Togo, turkey, Venezuela and Zimbabwe.


Crew: x2 & x8 troops carried
Engine: 120hp Daimler-Benz OM352 diesel
Power-To-Weight: 16.5hp/tonne
Combat Weight: 7.6 tonne
Top Road Speed: 81km/h
Operational Range: 700km
Vertical Obstacle: 0.55m
Trench Crossing: Unknown
Gradient: 70%
Side Slope: 35%
Length: 5.1m
Width: 2.25m
Height (hull top): 2.25m