The German TM 170 4×4 Wheeled APC

The German TM 170 4×4 Wheeled APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier) was designed in 1979 by the former German firm Thyssen-Henschel (now a subsidiary of Rheinmetall Landsysteme). Its an armoured structure capable of withstanding Machine Gun fire, mounted on a MOWAG chassis. Troops embark via side and rear doors. The vehicle can be fitted with optional equipment like a front ram for clearing obstacles.

In addition to its service with Germany, its also been in service with both Kuwait and Macedonia.

The German TM 170 4×4 Wheeled APC Spec’s

Crew: x2 & x10 troops carried
Engine: 240hp Daimler-Benz OM366 diesel
Power-To-Weight: 18hp/tonne
Combat Weight: 8.8 tonne
Top Road Speed: 100km/h
Top Water Speed: 9km/h
Operational Range: 870km
Vertical Obstacle: 0.6m
Trench Crossing: Unknown
Gradient: 80%
Side Slope: 40%
Length: 6.14m
Width: 2.47m
Height (hull top): 2.32m