The Hungarian Turan I Medium Tank

The Hungarian Turan I Medium Tank

With the German occupation of Czechoslovakia during the war, Germany found the Czechoslovak Škoda  S-Iic medium tank prototypes, which had been developed during the 1930’s, but never finished. During the Early years of the occupation, it was finished and designated the T-21, which was then further developed in to the T-22.

The T-22 prototypes were supplied to Hungary by Germany, who added additional frontal armour and a new gun. Around 300 were built from 1941 onwards. It fought on the Russian front and proved no match for the Russian Heavy Tanks.

The Hungarian Turan I Medium Tank Spec’s

Armament: 1x 40mm Main Gun and 2x 8mm MG
Armour: 14 – 50mm thick
Crew: 5
Dimensions: Length 5.68m / Width 2.54m / Height 2.33m
Weight: 17.9 tonnes
Engine: Weiss V8 petrol 260bhp
Speed: 47km/h
Range: 165km

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