The Indonesian APS-3 “Anoa” 6×6 APC

The Indonesian APS-3 “Anoa” 6×6 APC (English: Medium Personnel Carrier) is a armoured personnel carrier developed by Indonesia firm PT Pindad.

Development started around 2003 and the first prototype was built around 2006. It was unveiled to the public in 2008. It was planned that 150 would be built, however due to the current global financial crisis only about 40 have been delivered by 2010.

The vehicle is an all steel construction with a reported Level 3 protection of STANAG 4569. It uses a 320hp Renault engine and transmission., which gives a top road speed of 90 km/h and operational range of 600 km.

The vehicle can be used for other roles, such as ambulance, however currently only the APC has been ordered, though a demonstrator with a Mk III turret mounting a Cockerill 90mm main gun has been produced.

The Indonesian APS-3 “Anoa” 6×6 APC Specifications

Weight 11 tonnes, 14 tons (combat)
Length 6m
Width 2.5m
Height 2.5m / 2.9 m (FSV variant)
Crew 3 + 10 passengers
Primary armament 12.7 mm MG, CIS 40 AGL
Secondary armament 2×3 66mm smoke grenade launcher
Engine Renault MIDR 062045 inline 6 cylinder turbo-charged diesel, Behr cooling pack
Power/weight 22,85 HP/ton
Transmission Automatic, ZF S6HP502, 6 forward, 1 reverse
Suspension torsion bar
Ground clearance 40 cm
Fuel capacity 200 litres

The vehicle has been deployed as part of The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon aka UNIFIL. Its reported other nations have shown an interest in the vehicle, but as of yet no confirmed trials or orders.