The Israeli Wolf Armoured Protective Patrol Vehicle

Israeli Firm Rafael are world leaders in the development of military vehicles and specialists in the development of armour protection systems.

Israeli Firm Hatehof designed the vehicle and manufacturer it with Rafael. The vehicle is believed to use some type of passive armour designed by Rafael, in a cab designed to be versatile enough that it can be modified to fit the chassis of commercial heavy duty trucks.

Currently this cab system is fitted to the Ford F-550 chassis which is modified by Manning Equipment, an OEM up-fitter located in Louisville, KY so it can be easily maintained anywhere. It is equipped with a diesel, 6 litre 325 HP engine and automatic 5 speed transmission. It can weigh up to 8 tonnes.

The Israeli Wolf Armoured Protective Patrol Vehicle

Its not fully clear as to the level of protection the vehicle gives, however its supposed to replace the M113’s in urban patrol work and can carry a crew of up to 12 personnel, with an additional 2 stretch beds, if necessary.

The Israeli Wolf Armoured Protective Patrol Vehicle Operators:

Israeli – The IDF have ordered 150 since 2006.


Romania – used by the Military Police units of the Romanian Land Forces.

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