The Iveco SuperAV 8×8 Wheeled APC

The Iveco SuperAV 8×8 Wheeled APC

The Iveco SuperAV 8×8 Wheeled APC was developed as a private project for the export market by the Italian company Iveco Defence Vehicles and first unveiled to the public in 2009 at a Defence show.

The base design of the vehicle is that of an 8×8 wheeled Armoured Personnel Carrier capable of carrying 12 troops and a driver., however it can be modified in to other roles such as anti tank vehicle, mortar carrier, engineer vehicle, recovery vehicle, ambulance and command post vehicle.

Though the VBM Freccia 8×8 wheeled Infantry Fighting Vehicle entered service with the Italian Army in 2009 (which IVECO developed), it lacks an amphibious capability, which the SuperAV has addressed with two rear propellers and trim vane.


Standard monocoque construction (vehicle structure supports structural load by using its external armour, as opposed to using an internal frame or truss that is then covered with armour) reported to offer high levels of protection from Machine Gun fire, mines and IED’s. appliqué armour can be added to increase protection.

Additional active protection systems can be fitted. It has internal fire suppression system as well as NBC protection for the crew and occupants. Smoke grenade launchers to lay a smoke screen are fitted was standard. The vehicle also uses run flat tyres.


Remote weapon stations and one man turrets can be fitted.


The Iveco SuperAV 8×8 Wheeled APC

The vehicle is fitted with a 500+hp Iveco Cursor 13 6L turbocharged multi-fuelled diesel engine coupled with a ZF 7HP902 gearbox (seven forward and one reverse). It uses hydro-pneumatic suspension allowing the driver to adjust the ground clearance and a central tyre inflation system so that the tyres pressure can be adjusted for different terrains.


Combat weight: 24 tonne
Dimensions: Length 7.92m / Width 3m / Height 2.3m
Top Road Speed: 105km/h

Download BAE spec PDF sheet


Brazil – The VBTP-MR Guarani is a 6×6 Wheeled APC that was first unveiled to the public in 2009 and based on the SuperAv. It is being built by Iveco in Brazil.

Italy – The vehicle has been offered to the Italian Army to replacing their amphibious ageing M113 based fleet.

United States of America – In August 2011, Iveco Defence Vehicles and BAE Systems entered into a teaming agreement to offer an amphibious platform for the US Marine Corps personnel carrier (MPC) programme to replace the LAV-25. Under the agreement, Iveco and BAE Systems will develop a new vehicle based on the Iveco Superav 8×8 APC for the MPC programme.

On 8 May 2013, BAE and Iveco successfully completed 12 days of evaluations on the Superav for the MPC program at Camp Pendleton. The evaluations included a water performance demonstrations in various sea conditions, as well as human factors and stowage capacity. The Superav, weighing 26 tons, exceeded all vehicle requirements

In June 2013 the Marine Corps officially put the MPC program on hold. in February 2014, General Jim Amos decided to postpone development of the Amphibious Combat Vehicle program and return funding to the MPC program, now known as Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV) Phase I program. Phase I ACV submissions are likely to include the previous contenders for the MPC program.