The Korean K200 Infantry Fighting Vehicle

The Korean K200 Infantry Fighting Vehicle

AKA the KIFV or K200, the vehicle is more of an APC than a true Infantry Fighting Vehicle, that is it lacks the firepower of an auto cannon and ATM launchers.

The basic APC variant has a 3 man crew. The driver sits front left with engine to his right. The Gunner sits on the right. He uses a .50 MG (12.7mm) and has a front and rear shield for protection. The Commander is to his left and has a 7.62mm MG. The rear compartment carries 9 equipped troops.

The vehicle is built of all aluminium and uses almost identical modular armoured sections of the US Armoured IFV Series (front box and sides) which are bolted on to the existing aluminium armour frame. A undesignated laminate armour is then inserted into these modules.

The vehicle entered production in 1985 (development started in 1981) with Daewoo Heavy Industries. The vehicle used a MAN D-2848T V-8 diesel, which generated 280hp. The vehicle is fully amphibious.

In the early/mid 1990’s Daewoo Heavy Industries Ltd developed an improved version known as the K200A1, which focused on the improvements on mobility, that is a new 350hp engine and an automatic Allison X-200-5D transmission (gearbox), which replaced the original K200 in production.

The KIFV Family

The Korean K200 Infantry Fighting Vehicle

K216 NBC RECONNAISSANCE VEHICLE – Used to collect soil samples from infected area’s that have been subjected to Nuclear & Biological attack so as to ascertain the level of contamination.

K242A1 / K281A1 MORTAR CARRIER – 81mm mortar can be operated from within the vehicle or removed and operated a distance away from the vehicle enabling shoot and scoot operations.

K277 COMMAND POST VEHICLE – The command post vehicle provides armoured mobility for field commander. To enhance its inherent performance and function, it is equipped with auxiliary power supply, tent, table and chairs, map board and communication system.

K288A1 RECOVERY VEHICLE – The Recovery Vehicle has a crane and winch, and is able to tow or pull the troubled and disabled vehicles which need to be maintained and repaired. Equipped with maintenance tools and spare parts, spare engine or transmission, it is very serviceable for maintenance of power pack and suspension system. The recovery vehicle can accommodate a crew of four and has an excellent mobility and amphibious capabilities.

AMBULANCE VEHICLE – The ambulance vehicle was developed for medical treatment of wounded soldier as one of a series of vehicle. It is equipped with four litter sets, two automatic oxygen resuscitators and two splinter sets.

K263 20mm GUN CARRIER – The 20mm AA Gun Carrier provides effective suppression against not only aircraft at low altitude but also ground targets. Firing 3000 rounds per minute, it can deliver direct effective fire against ground targets within 2km and air target within 1.2Km. The 20mm AA Gun Carrier has the same Mobility, Bulletproof capability and Water Cruise capability as the K200A1 so that it can cope with various battlefields effectively and actively.

At the end of 1993, the basic vehicles and armoured ambulances which were redesigned from K200 were exported to the Malaysian Army.

The Korean Armoured Fighting Vehicle

The Korean Armoured Fighting Vehicle

AKA the KAFV, this vehicle family is an upgrade hull design of the KIFV. It has its own family of vehicles, which has been field tested in several countries, including South Korea, but as of yet is not in service with any country including South Korea.

90mm turret vehicle – The 90 mm turret vehicle was designed to provide more formidable anti-armour firepower for protecting mechanized troop units. It can be transported by air, aboard C-130 aircraft.

DT4050 – It has a 40 mm grenade-launcher and a .50 MG to enhance firepower to the basic vehicle. With a total combat weight of 13.9 tons including turret system, it runs at high speed of 70 km/h.

AV30 – It has a 30 mm (Boeing M230 Turret)  Chain gun with a rate of fire of 200 rounds per minute and a coaxial 7.62 mm MG. It is a one man, and is able to be fired on the move and at night time.

MT30K – It has a 30 mm (Mauser MK-30 Turret) Chain gun with a rate of fire of  800 rounds per minute and a coaxial 7.62 mm MG3A1 MG. The ballistic power can penetrate 50 mm thick RHA steel at 2 km distance, and has the option of a night vision sight.

KAFV25 – It has a 25 mm (Oerlikon Contraves 25 mm KBA automatic cannon Turret) Chain gun.

Smoke Generation Vehicle – Smoke capability is visual infa/red.

Tracked Loading Vehicle – Crane capacity is 3 tons, Max. working radius is 8m, 3 man crew.