The M-63 Plamen MLR System

The M-63 Plamen MLR System

The M-63 Plamen MLR System (Plamen “Flame”) was developed in the former Yugoslavia. It has 32 128mm launching tubes. It is normally found in MRL battalions of three batteries, each with four launchers. It is estimated that total production of this system amounted to about 500 units. Production of this trailer-mounted system has been completed and there has been no recent marketing of this system.

The M-63 Plamen MLR System Variants

Yugoslavia M-63 “Plamen” – Original towed 32-tube 128 mm multiple rocket launcher. Uses Plamen-A and Plamen-B rockets (with a range of 8600m).

Serbia M-94 “Plamen-S” – Self-propelled multiple rocket launcher. Launcher mounted on 6×6 truck. The M-94 is able to use original Plamen-A and Plamen-B rockets (with a range of 8,600 m) and the new “Plamen-S” rocket (with a range 12,625 m).

Croatia RAK-12 – Croatian-made towed multiple rocket launcher with twelve 128 mm pipes, enabling weapon to be towed by lighter vehicles like Jeeps. The launcher fires two types of rockets: M 91 (range 8500 m) and M 93 (range 13000 m). The Croatian Army operates eight RAK-12 MRLs with some 60 held in reserve.
LOV RAK-24 – Self-propelled multiple rocket launcher with twenty-four 128 mm pipes. The MRL is mounted on Croatian-made light armored personnel carrier LOV.

The M-63 Plamen MLR System Current operators

Serbia – 18 M-94 Plamen-S. 200+ M-63 (in reserve)
Bosnia and Herzegovina – 5
Republic of Macedonia – 12 (in reserve)
Cyprus – 24
Georgia – 12