The Israeli Namer Armoured Personnel Carrier

The Israeli Namer Armoured Personnel Carrier is based on the Mk 4 hull, taking full advantage of the engine being forward mounted. The M113 purpose built APC (up-graded by IDF to the Zelda) has not always weathered well in IDF conflicts, so the IDF started converting its older tank hulls, which are more heavily armoured and have the same mobility capabilities as the MBT’s, in to APC’s. Such examples are the conversion of Tiran tanks in to the Achzarit’s and the Sho’t tank to the Nagmashot / Nagmachon / Nakpadon APC’s. Originally it was intended to convert the hulls of the Mk 1’s which were being withdrawn from active service in to the Nemmera. The program was cancelled, but after 2006 the program was picked up again and converted Mk 1 prototypes were designated the Namer.

By 2008 the Namer had entered production, but was built from scratch on the Mk 4 hull with a raised roof. It retains the Mk 4’s NBC system, modular armour (including belly) and battle field management system. It uses the same power pack as the Mk 3 and thanks to its re-designed rear entrance, it is able to transport eight fully equipped troops and is crewed by a commander, driver and Remote Weapon Station operator. For close encounters it has smoke grenade dischargers and the RWS is capable of mounting either a .30 & .50 cal MG or grenade launcher.