The Polish 7TP Light Tank

Poland had purchased a number of British Vickers 6 ton light tanks and modified the design in to what became known as the┬áThe Polish 7TP Light Tank (there was a similar prototype using 2 MG’s that was not adopted).

A later version designated the 7TP-2 entered production with a Swedish built turret, increased frontal armour up to 40mm thick, new engine and suspension were all fitted.

Entering service in 1934, when Germany invaded in 1939, it was the best tank the Polish Army had, and some 170 of both versions fought in the nations defence, where eventual superior numbers of lesser German tanks and tactics eventually over whelmed Polish Forces.

The Polish 7TP Light Tank Spec’s

Armament: 1x 37mm Main Gun and 1x 7.92mm coaxial MG
Armour: 5 – 17mm thick
Crew: 3
Dimensions: Length 4.6m / Width 2.16m / Height 2.02m
Weight: 9.4 tonnes
Engine: Saurer 6-cylinder diesel 110bhp
Speed: 32km/h
Range: 160km