The Polish MID Bizon CEV

A Combat Engineer Vehicle is specialist vehicle used to clear or create tank obstacles. They are normally built on the chassis/hull of that nations Main Battle Tank so that they can keep up with the to complete these duties. They also remain or are deployed after a conflict for engineers to carry our repairs to military installations.

Poland during its years as a member of WARSAW, licensed manufactured the Russian T-72 Main Battle Tank. It then went on to up grade these vehicles and also export them under the designation PT-91. This set a requirement for an Combat Engineer Vehicle for both these vehicles to be manufactured by Poland.

MID stands for Maszyna Inżynieryjno-Drogowa, which is Polish for Engineering-Roading Machine. Bizon is Polish for Bison. The Polish MID Bizon CEV is based on the PT-91 tank hull.

Development started in 1988. The first produced vehicle was completed in 2000, with full production for the Polish Army completed in 2005.

The Polish MID Bizon CEV

The Polish MID Bizon CEV Operators:

MID – A PT-91 based variant for Polish Army – 8 vehicles
MID-M – A PT-91M based variant for Malaysian Army – 3 vehicles

The Polish MID Bizon CEV Features:

manipulator arm (the maximum amount of arm 7.75m, 7.94m maximum length, minimum length 5.94m, the working angle Horizontal: 240 degrees, vertically, from – 55 to + 60 degrees, the pan 240 degrees / 7 seconds .) It is possible to control the boom of the portable desktop. Equipment is removable boom: bucket capacity koparkowa 0.96 cubic meters. and a width of 0.92 m, the gripper jaw with maximum openings of 1 m and a capacity of 3 tons and a ripper tooth with a length of 0.45 meters.

The Polish MID Bizon CEV

•wire rope sling with a lifting capacity 7 t,
•spycharkowe equipment: blade width 4.2 m, height 0.9 m,
•Main winch with a length of 200 m rope pull 900 kN
•Auxiliary winch with a length of 400 m and pulling ropes 20 kN
•welding equipment,
•voltage converter.
General Characteristics:
•Service: 5 people;
•Combat weight: 46 000 – 48 000 kg;
•Length: 8300 mm;
•width: 3600 mm;
•Width with Blade: 4200 mm;
•Height: 2700 mm;
•Ground clearance: 430 mm;
•Engine power: 574 kW (780 hp);
•power output: 13.3 kW / t;
•unit pressure: 0.09 MPa;
•Maximum speed: 60 km / h;
•Driving range: 650 km;
•ability to handle the site:
– Gradient: 30 degrees;
– Gradient of inclination: 23 degrees;
– Trench width: 2.8 m;
– Vertical wall height: 0.7 m;
– Fording depth: 1.2 m;
– Deep water obstacles (in preparation) with a depth of 5 m length of 1000 m