The Polish TK-3 & TK S Tankette

The Polish TK-3 & TK S Tankette is a Polish licence build of the British Firm Carden-Loyd’s Mk VI Tankette. The original model, TK-3 entered production in 1931 and was powered by a Ford engine and had a forward facing 7.92mm MG.

The upgraded TK S had a Polish built Fiat engine, thicker armour and a forward mounted 20mm automatic cannon. It entered production in 1933.

When the Germans invaded Poland during WW2, Poland had nearly 700 of both vehicles. The 20mm main gun waas able to effectively taken on the lighter tanks of Germany and it was reported in one engagement that a single TK S took out 9 tanks.

The Polish TK-3 & TK S Tankette Spec’s (TK S)

Armament: 7.62mm Machine Gun or 20mm automatic gun
Armour: Steel 10mm thick
Crew: 2
Dimensions: Length 2.67m / Width 1.78m / Height 1.36m
Weight: 2.5 tonne
Engine: Fiat 4-cylinder 40bhp petrol
Top road speed: 40km/h
Operational range: 200km