The Russian 2S19 Self Propelled Gun

The Russian 2S19 Self Propelled Gun is currently the principal SPG artillery of the Russian Ground Forces. AKA the Msta-S, the vehicle is a culmination of other successful Russian vehicles.

The hull is the same one used on the Russian T-80 MBT, but also incorporates some of the automotive parts of the hull from the heavier T-72 MBT.

The main gun is the 152 mm howitzer 2A65, which is a towed piece of artillery.

Development started in the mid-80’s as to a replacement of the older 152mm 2S3 SPG, it entered service in 1989 and by 2008, an estimated 800 had been delivered to the RGF’s. It went on to serve with the RGF’s in the Chechnya Wars.

The Russian 2S19 Self Propelled Gun

The main gun is the 2A64. It’s a 152mm bore calibre and is a 48 calibre length. Its fitted with a muzzle break to reduce the flash whilst firing as to make the vehicle harder to locate and a fume extractor. It can be elevated from -3 to +68 degree’s. It uses an automated loading system, which can sustain a top rate of 8 rounds fired per minute.

It can fire a number of rounds, the most common being HE-FRAG to a range of 24.7miles and up to 40miles assisted. It also fires the Krasnopol precision weapon. Where other traditional artillery rounds are designed to burst in a targeted area, the Krasnopol uses a homing seeker and is finally guided via laser designator, which is operated by a forward spotter on to the target. The target can be either an armoured vehicle (whilst on the move) or re-enforced structure.

Another cool round is the 3RB30 jammer carrying projectile, which disrupts radio communications by jamming frequencies between 1.5MHz to 120MHz up to a radius of 700m.

The turret, like all SPG’s is where the main gun is loaded, the gunner is situated and the commander. The turret is fitted with a full NBC protection system, an auxiliary power unit, 6 external smoke grenade launchers, and 300 rounds for the 12.7mm MG on the commanders cupola. The two loaders use a narrow lean too conveyor for loading rounds in to the turret. The driver sits front middle and has night vision. The turret is behind him, with the Diesel V-84A 840hp engine in the rear.

The Russian 2S19 Self Propelled Gun

The vehicle does have wading equipment, smoke generator (diesel injected on the hot exhaust) and has the normal Russian MBT self entrenching blade at the front of the hull so it can dig a scrape for its self.

The Russian 2S19 Self Propelled Gun Variants

2S19M1 (2000) – Improved version with automatic laying system and Glonass.
2S19M2 (2013) – Improved version equipped with a new automatic fire control system which increases the rate of fire. Digital electronic maps are now available which significantly speeds up the terrain orientation in difficult geographical conditions and allows performing faster and more efficiently firing missions.
2S19M1-155 (2006) – 155mm export version of the 2S19M1, fitted with an L/52 gun with a range of 40+ km.

The Russian 2S19 Self Propelled Gun Operators

 Azerbaijan – 18
Belarus – 13
Ethiopia – 12
Georgia- 3
Russia – 550 2S19 and 2S19M1, 108 2S19M2 since 2014.
Ukraine – 40