The Russian BMR-3M

The Russian BMR-3M

The Russian BMR-3M is a T-90 hull with the turret replaced with a superstructure housing the crew and other mine clearing equipment. Attached to the front of the vehicle are two arms each with solid steel wheels that whilst driving over mines, their weight detonates them and thanks to their thickness are not damaged, allowing the vehicle to continue along its path with other tanks such as the T-90 following it.

The Russian BMR-3M Spec’s

Weight – 51tons

Crew – 2 + 3 Engineers

Engine – V-84MS 840hp diesel

Armament – 12.7mm MG

Top road speed – 50km/h

Fording – 1m

Armour – ERA from conventional weapons, increased mine resistant belly, NBC protection

Equipment – Colane mine trawl KMT-7 with EMF, trawling speed, 5 to 12 km/h, Self-entrenching device

Sighting equipment – Individual night vision device 1PN63M crew and demining troops.

Dimensions – length: 6.9m Width: 3.8m Height: 2.9m