The Russian MAZ-543 8×8 wheeled chassis

The MAZ-537 was a Russian 1960’s designed tractor unit used to pull trailers across rough terrain capable of supporting/carrying the weight of Main Battle Tanks and was based on the earlier but similar MAZ-535, which was used to tow the R-14 IRBM (intermediate-range ballistic missile).

The MAZ-535 and 537 are by modern standards a highly capable and large 8×8 wheeled tractor unit, which requires a large chassis. This sized chassis could be used to mount various equipment.

The chassis gave birth to tThe Russian MAZ-543 8×8 wheeled chassis as a specialist vehicle used to mount the varying MLRS and IRBM ballistic missiles (range of 3000 – 5500km) launchers.

The MAZ-543/MAZ-7310 “Uragan” (Russian: МАЗ-543/МАЗ-7310 “Ураган”/Hurricane) was designed and developed by MAZ (Minsk Automobile Plant), in what is now Belarus.

The vehicle was 1st seen on the 1965 November 7th Red Square military parade held in Moscow, as part of SS-1с Scud B (9K72 Elbrus) system.

In 1974 at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre, a new prototype modification (MAZ-7310) was presented and has been in production since 1976.

The Russian MAZ-543 8×8 wheeled chassis Spec’s

Wheel formula – 8×8
Carrying capacity – 7 tonne
Max weight – 18.97 tonne
trailer weight – 15 tonne
Top road speed – 60 km/h (37 mph)
Dimensions – 8.78m 2.8m 2.91m
Engine – liquid-cooled 375hp diesel