The Russian OTR-23 Oka

The Russian OTR-23 Oka

The Russian OTR-23 Oka was a self propelled ballistic missile launching system, that could be deployed and launch within 5minutes with a missile range of 250 miles. Entering service from 1980’s onwards, It was used with the intention of striking strategic military targets and could fire nuclear warheads.

The Russian OTR-23 Oka Specifications:

Designer KBM (Kolomna)
Manufacturer Votkinsk Machine Building Plant
Produced Introduced 1980
Weight 4,360 kg (9,600 lb)
Length 7.53 m (24.7 ft)
Diameter 0.89 m (2 ft 11 in)
Warhead Nuclear 50-100 kT, HE fragmentation, submunition, or chemical
Engine Single-stage solid propellant
Operational range 500 km (310 mi)
Guidance system Inertial with terminal active radar
Accuracy 30-150 m CEP

The Russian OTR-23 Oka Missiles:

The Russian OTR-23 Oka

The 9M714V missile armed with the AA-60 (9N63) nuclear warhead and possessing a maximum range of 500km.
The 9M714F missile armed with a FRAG-HE warhead weighing 450 kg and possessing a maximum range of 450km.
The 9M714K missile armed with a submunitions warhead weighing 715 kg and possessing a maximum range is 300km.

The Russian OTR-23 Oka Operators:

Former Soviet Union – Removed from service as directed by the INF Treaty.
Former East Germany – Removed from service in the 1990s.
Bulgaria – Removed from service in 2002.
Former Czechoslovakia – Passed on to successor states … Czech Republic, removed from service in the 1990s / Slovakia in 2000.