The Russian T-24 Medium Tank

The Russian T-24 Medium Tank

By the late 20’s early 30’s Russia had had some limited success in tank production with their MS Light Tank series, however they were a fairly obsolete design by this time and replacement was sought. A number of designs were tested, with the The Russian T-24 Medium Tank proving the most successful.

The vehicle entered production in Kharkov from 1929 onwards. It was a short production run with only 25 built due to problems with its manufacturing.

Though it was a larger and heavier vehicle compared to the MS, it retained the latter’s suspension system. It was well armed, with a bow Machine Gun in the front of the hull, a traversable turret mounting the main gun and coaxial MG, with a further MG mounted on the small turret cupola. It was proofed against incoming Machine Gun fire making it a much more capable tank than the earlier MS series for the Infantry Support role.

The Russian T-24 Medium Tank Spec’s

Armament: x1 45mm M-1920 Main Gun, x3 7.62mm MG
Dimensions: Length 6.55m / Width 3m / Height 2.8m
Engine: 250bhp M-5 12 cylinder petrol
Top road speed: 22km/h
Max road range: 69km
Weight: 18.5 tonne
Protection: Steel protection against Machine Gun
Crew: 3