The Russian T-35 Heavy Tank

The Russian T-35 Heavy Tank was another multi-turreted vehicle that was more of a proper gander weapon than that of a serious asset for the former Red Army. Only 61 were built during 1933 – 1939 and were stationed around Moscow, where they could easily be seen for the famous Red Square Parades, which over the years proved a vital intelligence gathering opportunity by other nations of Russian military vehicles and strength.

This vehicle also had the popular dated design of multiple-turrets. The main top turret had a 76.2mm main gun, whilst on the front and rear of the vehicle were x2 bow turrets (5 turrets in total). Each set had one turret mounting a 45mm gun and the other had a 7.62mm machine gun.

T-35 Heavy Tank is from 0:09 in this video

Its believed these vehicles were deployed during the Russian Defence against the Germans in WW2, were it proved troublesome for the crew to effectively coordinate all five guns to fire accurately.

The Russian T-35 Heavy Tank Spec’s

Armament: Main Gun 76.2mm / 2x 45mm / 6x 7.62mm Machine Guns (inc some coaxial)
Armour: Steel 10 – 30mm thick
Crew: 11
Dimensions: Length 9.72m / Width 3.2m / Height 3.8m
Weight: 44 tonne
Engine: M-17M 12-cylinder 500bhp petrol
Top road speed: 30km/h
Operational range: 150km