The Russian T-43 Medium Tank

The Russian T-43 Medium Tank

The Russian T-43 Medium Tank was an improved version of T-34/76. The improvements focused on the frontal armour so as give the same protection levels as a heavy tank due to the introduction of the dreaded Tiger I’s 88mm main gun.

The increase in turret armour thickness required a new 3 man turret. It retained many of the working components of the T-34/76, however the Christies suspension was replaced with a torsion bar suspension.

Development started in 1942 and the first prototype was completed in 1943. Trials showed that the vehicle was not as mobile as the T-34/76 and that its firepower was inadequate against German heavy armour as it retained the same gun as the T-34/76. It did not enter service for these reasons as the T-34/85 offered considerably more advantages in taking on German armour.


Armament: 76.2mm Main Gun & x2 7.62mm MG’s
Armour: 90mm steel
Crew: 5
Dimensions: Length 6.86m / Width 2.92m / Height 2.39m
Weight: 32 tonne
Engine: 500bhp V-2 34 12-cylinder diesel
Top Road Speed: 50km/h
Operational Range: 300km