The Russian T-44 Medium Tank

The Russian T-44 Medium Tank

DevelopmentĀ The Russian T-44 Medium Tank began in 1944 as a re-design of the T-34/85 which served as a stepping stone to the legendary T-54/55 Medium Tank. The much loved Christies Suspension was replaced with torsion bars, its engine transversely mounted, its hull/turret armour thickened and the hull gunner banished to make space for additional ammunition of the main gun (which was the same 85mm mina gun of the T-34/85).

The limited production of the vehicle commenced in 1945 and a few did see action against the German Army on the Eastern Front.

The Russian T-44 Medium Tank Spec’s

Armaments: x1 85mm D-5T Main Gun, x2 7.62mm Machine Guns
Armour: 120mm steel
Crew: 4
Dimension: Length 7.65m / Width 3.15m / Height 2.45m
Weight: 31.4 tonne
Engine: V-2-44 12-cylinder 512bhp diesel
Top Road Speed: 51km/h
Operational Range: 300km

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