The Samil 50 Mk1 & Mk2 Military Truck

SAMIL  stands for “South African MILitary” and is the designation given to three classes (Samil 100, Samil 50, Samil 20) of military trucks that were built by a number of SA truck manufacturers during the 1980’s & 90’s for the former South African Defence Force and operated now by the South African National Defence Force. These trucks were based on the MAGIRUS trucks of Germany.

The Samil 50 Mk1 & Mk2 Military Truck Variants –

Mk1 Variant’s

Samil 50 Mk1 Flatbed with Iso Locks

Samil 50 Mk1 Fuel Tanker (Diesel)

Samil 50 Mk1 Recovery (Springbok)

Samil 50 Mk1 High Profile Pantry

Samil 50 Mk1 Technical Bin

Samil 50 Mk1 Radio Bin

Samil 50 Mk1 Refuse Collection

Samil 50 Mk1 Mobile Shower

Samil 50 Mk1 Tanker Water / Sprinkle

SAMIL 50 Mk2

The Mark 2 incorporates more components of local origin, including a strengthened front axle.