The Serbian Lazar BVT MRAP

Yugoimport SDPR is a Serbian state-owned defence company. In 2008 they released to the public their contribution to the MRAP community, the Lazar (a 14th century ruler of Serbia).

The vehicle is a 8×8 wheeled patrol vehicle, utilizing the traditional V-Shape bottom hull (built from steel) associated with MRAP vehicles. It can acomidate up to 3 crew and 10 passengers.

In its standard configuration it provides Level 3 STANAG 4569 (8kg Anti-Tank Mine & 7.62mm MG fire) protection.

Additional laminate armour can be added, which provides Level 5 STANAG 4569 (25mm APDS-T fired from chain gun) protection. The vehicle can be equipped with ERA and its believed the passengers have blast absorbing chairs.

Its reported that a 440hp engine is used and provides a top road speed of 90km/h.

The vehicle can have optional central cupola capable of mounting various calibre Machine Guns or turret with various larger calibre chain guns, as well as Anti-Tank missiles and Surface to Air Missiles for the Anti-Aircraft role.

The Serbian Lazar BVT MRAP Potential operators

Bangladesh – Unknown number allegedly ordered in 2012.
Iraq – 20 offered to Iraq in 2009, however the negotiations were put on hold.
Kenya – On order.