The Serbian NORA B-52 Self Propelled Gun

Serbian NORA B-52 Self Propelled Gun – Original Model

Manufactured in two versions, the first NORA B-52 mounted a modified Russian 152mm (calibre Length 45) D-20 Howitzer main gun on a wheeled 8×8 FAP 2882 truck chassis. The vehicle has a forward cab and compartment for the 5 man crew and behind this is the ammunition storage for 40 rounds. The main gun is mounted on a powered traversable mount with a large gun shield. Some publications state this is in service with the Serbian Army, however it is not listed on their official website.

Improved NORA B-52K1 Self Propelled Gun

During 2003 development had started on an improved version and by 2004 the manufacturer Yugoimport announced it completion. The improved version is called the NORA B-52K1 (M3) and is most commonly referred to as just NORA B-52 and is the main production model.

The modifications were extensive and almost a completely new vehicle. The main gun is a 155mm (calibre Length 52) Howitzer, allowing the operation nation to purchase 155mm ammunition as used by NATO countries. The main gun is mounted in a powered traversable turret with the gunner. On the rear of the turret is an auto-loader with two bins, one for rounds and the other with charges. The vehicle has a modern fire control system and can be fitted with navigation/pointing equipment.

The vehicle uses a KamAZ 63501 8×8 wheeled truck chassis with a crew a cab and behind this is the storage for ammunition. A total of 36 rounds are stored. there are four hydraulic legs on the vehicle used to stabilise the vehicle when firing.

Video of the Improved NORA B-52K1 Self Propelled Gun (Video up loader has miss-titled)


Burma – 30 NORA B-52K1 exported/ordered around 2007
Bangladesh – 18 NORA B-52K1 ordered in 2011 and fitted with a SAGEM Sigma 30 inertial navigation
Kenya – 30 but not much is known about this order
Serbia – undisclosed number are supposed to be in service to replace their ageing 2S1’s

Improved NORA B-52K1 “Closed Armoured Version” Self Propelled Gun