The Serbian Oganj 2000 ER

The Serbian Oganj 2000 ER

The Serbian Oganj 2000 ER is a relatively new Multiple Launch Rocket System and built by Serbian state industries and as of yet has not generated any orders.

It uses the existing Russian KamAZ-6350 flatbed logistics truck. The Cab is located at the front where the rear mounted rocket launcher is operated from. Various fire control systems can be fitted such as GPS.

The launcher is made of 50 122mm calibre firing tubes and can fire either Serbian designed rockets or Russian BM-21 Grad 122mm rockets. It can fire single 1 or all 50 Rockets, which are fitted with HE-FRAG or cluster warheads, which use anti-personnel or anti-tank sub-munitions.

The launcher is set at the rear of the flatbed. Between it and the cab is a reloading device that reloads the rockets in to the launcher and can complete this operation within 2minutes.

There is a distinct frame device set behind the cab. This is an extendable canvas frame, which can cover the flatbed so as to not only make the vehicle appear as a logistics truck but protects the launcher etc from the elements. With good mobility the vehicle is perfect for shoot and scoot operations.