The Serbian Orkan CER MLRS

The Serbian Orkan CER MLRS

The Serbian Orkan CER MLRS is a relatively new and built by Serbian state industries as an improved version of the older M87 Orkan and as of yet has not generated any orders.

It uses the existing Russian KamAZ-6350 flatbed logistics truck. The Cab is located at the front where the rear mounted rocket launcher is operated from.

Various fire control systems can be fitted such as GPS. The Orkan CER has a newly designed launcher with eight 262mm launching tubes. It is capable of firing 262mm rockets of the older M87 Orkan.

A standard rocket is 4.85m long and weights 390kg. Various warheads such as HE, HE-FRAG, thermobaric and cluster warheads with 288 dual-purpose bomblets, or 24 magnetic sensor-fused anti-tank mines can be fitted

A standard rocket has a range of 50 km. An extended range rocket is 4.88m long and weights 404 kg, with a maximum range of 65 km.