The South African G6-52 155mm Self propelled Gun

The South African G6-52 155mm Self propelled Gun Description

This is the most modern variant of the original G6 SPG System vehicle and was unveiled at the IDEX 2003 defence exhibition in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). it’s a new turret mounting a 155mm cal Length 52 howitzer.

It has a new automated ammunition handling (any combination of projectiles and charges), with automated fuse setting, increases the rate of fire to at least 8 rounds per minute. This is done by means of computer programmed ammunition carousels inside the turret, one of the features allowing for a reduced crew on the G6-52. This enables the vehicle to use an artillery technique called Time On Target. Rounds are fired in sequence with the main gun raised to different elevations per round, so that each round takes a different amount of time from the other, but all hit the same target at the same time, causing a greater level of destruction.

So far the new turret has been fitted on the Indian Arjun tank hull for evaluation.