The Spanish Teruel MLRS

The Spanish Teruel MLRS

The Spanish Teruel MLRS  is a series of multiple launch rocket system developed and manufactured in Spain for the Spanish Army and exported to the African nation Gabon.

Developed in 1970, the vehicle has been manufactured in 3 marks:

Teruel 1, original variant

Teruel 2, fitted with an armoured cab

Teruel 3, improved version of the Teruel 2, based on Pegaso 3055 truck.

The Spanish Teruel MLRS

The Teruel 3 has 40 launching tubes for 140.5mm rockets, mounted in two pods. The standard rocket is 2.04m long and weights 56 kg. It has a range of 18 km. An extended-range rocket is 3.23m long and weights 76 kg. Both types of rockets are fitted with HE-FRAG or cluster warheads. Cluster rocket can be fitted with 6 anti-tank mines or a number of anti-personnel mines. A fire control system includes ballistic computer, navigation system and meteorological equipment.

The Spanish Teruel MLRS Operators

Spain: 14 (Teruel 3)
Gabon: 8 (Teruel 3)