The Swedish Strv M/21 Tank

The Swedish Strv M/21 Tank

The Swedish Strv M/21 Tank back ground

The German LKI (Leichte Kampfwagen) was a prototype built in 1918 by J. Vollmer who had proposed that a large number of more lighter and less sophisticated tanks could swarm the larger and lesser numbered British MkI (and other similar more modern) Tanks.

The designs and a prototype were passed on to Sweden and entered production in 1920 with a small turret mounting a Machine Gun. A command and control tank was also developed with 2 way radio equipment.

The Swedish Strv M/21 Tank Spec’s

Armament: x1 MG
Dimensions: Length 5.7m / Width 2.06m / Height 2.51m
Engine: 56bhp Daimler-Benz 4-cylinder petrol
Top road speed: 16km/h
Max road range: Unknown
Weight: 9.7 tonne
Protection: 14mm Steel
Crew: 4

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