The Taiwanese CM-31 6×6 Wheeled APC

The Taiwanese CM-31 6×6 Wheeled APC

Timoney Technology Limited is well respected engineering firm in The Republic Of Ireland, most famous for their chassis/suspension systems. However they did develop a series of wheeled APC’s in the 1970’s. The 4×4 version was license built in Belgium as the BDX and the 6×6 version was license built in Taiwan for the Republic Of China’s Army as the CM-31.

The ROC started the studies of the Timoney (Mk8) during the mid-80’s and first prototypes were completed in 1992. Production commenced in Taiwan in 1997 of an APC and Air-Defence version.

Armoured Personnel Carrier

The Taiwanese CM-31 6×6 Wheeled APC

Vehicle has a standard layout, driver up-front left, engine compartment running along the front. x10 troops are located in the rear and can exit via doors in the side and roof hatches. Vehicle commander has a rood cupola mounted with a 12.7mm MG.

Vehicle is built of all steel and capable of withstanding 7.62mm MG fire all-round and 14.5mm rounds over the frontal arc. The vehicle is powered by a 350hp Cummins diesel engine giving a top road speed of 100km/h and is fully amphibious.

Surface to Air Missile

The Taiwanese CM-31 6×6 Wheeled SAM

The SAM version saw the troop compartment removed and a Jie Ling air defense missile system launcher mounted on the rear.