The Turkish 4×4 Cobra Patrol Vehicle

The Turkish 4×4 Cobra Patrol Vehicle┬áis a wheeled armoured personnel carrier, developed and manufactured by Turkish Firm Otokar, it entered service with the Turkish Army in 1997. It has since been exported to Algeria, Bahrain, Nigeria, Pakistan, The United Arab Emirates, Slovenia and Georgia, the latter using it during the 2008 South Ossetia war.

The vehicle is constructed of steel plate with angled surfaces so as to deflect blasts and provide protection against Machine Gun fire of calibre 7.62mm. It uses many components of the US HMMWV.

Layout is standard, the 190hp water cooled turbo charged 6.5 litre engine (gives a top road speed of 100km/h+ and range of 752km) is located in the front, with driver and passenger seat behind and the rear section which can accommodate up to 8 troops. The vehicle has a turret ring and can accommodate various turrets and guns as well as Anti-Tank Missile Systems, so can be used for many different roles.