The Turkish Ejder “Dragon” 6×6 APC

The Turkish Ejder “Dragon” 6×6 APC is a wheeled armoured personnel carrier designed and manufactured by Turkish firm Nurol as a family of vehicles.

EJDER 6×6 Armoured Personnel Carrier Vehicle is able to carry 12 crew members.

EJDER 6×6 Armoured Command vehicle can carry 4 to 8 crew members depending on the equipment required inside the vehicle.

EJDER 6×6 Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle has been designed for the purpose of Surveillance and Reconnaissance missions which are important requirements for the battlefield. The vehicle is supplied with Efficient Reconnaissance Surveillance Equipment which has a day/night long range reconnaissance, a laser telemeter and a navigation system.

EJDER 6×6 Armoured Combat Vehicle can carry all necessary turret guns from 7.62mm to 90mm caliber in the battlefield.

EJDER 6×6 Armoured Support Vehicle can carry 4 to 8 crew members depending on the equipment required inside of the vehicle. It carries mortars with automatic engagement, cannon with stabilization or heavy machine guns in different sizes to provide fire support to the unit commander in the battlefield.

EJDER 6×6 Armoured Medical Evacuation Vehicle,  besides the crew members ( driver,commander and aid man), can carry 4 litters depending on the equipment required inside the vehicle . It evacuates the  casualty under armour protection by providing en route medical care

EJDER 6×6 Armoured Recovery Vehicle,  can carry 4 recovery personnels, besides the crew members (driver and commander ), depending on the equipment required inside the vehicle. It has been designed to repair broken down vehicles in the battlefield. On the vehicle; there are functional equipments like a bom crane, hydraulic drill etc. in order to change the power pack in combat conditions and there are also necessary emergency spare parts in the cabinets of the vehicle.

The vehicle has external CCTV which can be monitored on screens in the vehicle, giving an all round high level of situational awareness.

The Turkish Ejder “Dragon” 6×6 APC specifications

6×6 all-wheel drive
Run flat tyres
High-powered turbo charge engine
Fully independent suspension
CAN-BUS system
Excellent off-road performance
Modular add-on armour protection
Protection against maximum level of mine and handmade explosives.
Ergonomic large interior design
High power/weight ratio
Superior off-road performance through its fully independent and high traction driveline components
Transportability by C-130
Capability of entering into water without any preparation and superior maneuverability by its fully amphibious components

Georgia is th only known operator, having taken delivery of 80 since 2007.