The Turkish T-122 MRL

The Turkish T-122 MRL

The Turkish T-122 MRL is a self-propelled multiple rocket launcher, built on a German MAN 26.281 flatbed truck, comprised of three sections. The forward section is the drivers cab, then a second cab where the fire control systems are located and operated. Finally is the flatbed section, which the missile launcher is mounted. The launcher can power traverse left or right and can elevate upwards. Four vertical hydraulic arms extended down to the ground whilst firing to stabilize the vehicle.

The launcher is made up of two pods, each with 20 firing tubes. These are a 122mm calibre and fire rockets indigenously developed and manufactured by MKEK and Roketsan of Turkey. They can also fire the 122mm rockets of the Russian BM-21 Grad vehicle, which is the most heavily used vehicle of this class.

Rockets fired are fitted with HE-FRAG and cluster warheads, which use anti-personnel or anti-tank sub-munitions. The maximum range is up to 40 km (assisted). The modern Fire Control System can launch a single rocket or all 40 rockets in 80 seconds, which can carpet bomb a half a square mile. The tubes are then reloaded via a hydraulic arm behind the second cab by the five man crew.

First seen in 1995, the vehicle entered production for the Turkish army in 1997. Around 70 vehicles are in service and the vehicle still remains in production.

Product Improved Version

An improved version for the export market was released in 2005. Built on a new MAN 26.372 truck (the front windscreen is in two sections) and is improved for harsh climatic environments. The Launcher pods have been redesigned so that rather than being individual firing tubes, they are preloaded sealed pods (containing the 20 tubes with their missiles inside), which are loaded in to the launcher via the hydraulic arm. This speeds up the reload time over the original model. Though the vehicle offers a great shoot and scoot capability, it has yet to attract any exports.