The US LAV-100 / LAV-150 Commando APC


The US LAV-100 / LAV-150 Commando APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier)

The Commando APC was developed in the 1960’s as a private venture by the former US Firm Cadillac Gage, who later merged with Textron Marine in 1994 to form the Firm Textron Marine & Land Systems who now manufacturer the vehicle.

The first prototype was completed in 1963, with production commencing in 1964. The first production vehicles were known as the LAV-100 Commando. The Commando should not be confused as a member of the GDLS Canada’s 6×6 & 8×8 LAV series.

The vehicle was shortly purchased by the US Forces and deployed during the Vietnam War. It was developed in to a family of vehicles to fulfil many roles and upgraded into newer variants.

Commando Variants


Original model. Used a petrol Chrysler V8 engine coupled to a 5-speed manual gearbox giving the vehicle a top road speed of 100 km/h and top water speed 4.8 km/h.

The vehicle is constructed from high hardness alloy steel, which provides all-round protection against 7.62mm Machine Gun fire. The vehicle hull has angled sides, which helps deflect the blast from mines, but is not an MRAP.

The vehicle has a 2 man crew, driver and commander who sit up front, troop compartment for x3 men in the middle, access is via single doors on either side, engine compartment is in rear. The troop compartment can be used for mounting various turrets and other roles:

LAV-150 Mortar Vehicle

Single Man Turret with pair of 7.62mm MG’s
Single Man Turret with single 7.62mm MG and 12.7mm MG
Single Man Turret with a 20mm chain gun and 7.62mm MG
Two Man Turret with a 20mm chain gun and 7.62mm MG
Two Man Turret with a 25mm chain gun and 7.62mm MG
Single Man Turret with a single 12.7mm MG and 40mm Grenade Launcher
Anti-Aircraft role, has a 20mm Vulcan M61 minigun
Two Man Turret with a 90mm main gun, 7.62mm co-axial MG and roof mounted 7.62mm MG
Mortar vehicle, has an internally mounted 81mm mortar, which is fire when the two roof hatches are opened
Anti-Tank has a Wire-Guided TOW missile launcher
Command and control
Field ambulance
Recovery equipment


Weight 9.8 tonne
Length 5.69m
Width 2.26m
Height 2.54m turret roof, 1.98m hull top


The vehicle was an enlarged version of the V-100 and utilized many components of the US Army’s 5 ton trucks. This version was specially tailor-made to the specifications of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and manufactured exclusively for use by the SAF.


This vehicle was an improved model, which had a V-504 V8 turbocharged diesel engine, generating 202 bhp with a Power/weight ratio of 18.75 bhp/ton and an operational range of 643 km’s. It has a top road speed of  88km/h and top speed of 5 km/h in water.

Production swapped from the LAV-100 to the LAV-150 in 1971. In 1985 production swapped again to the LAV-150S which has a longer wheelbase and is heavier.

Commando Operators as of 2006

Bolivia LAV-100
Botswana LAV-150
Cameroon LAV-150
Chad LAV-150S
Dominican Republic LAV-150
Gabon LAV-150
Guatemala LAV-150
Indonesia LAV-150
Jamaica LAV-150
Malaysia LAV-100 and LAV-150
Mexico LAV-150
Philippines LAV-150
Saudi Arabia LAV-150
Singapore LAV-150 and LAV-200
Somalia LAV-150
Sudan LAV-150 and LAV-150S
Taiwan LAV-150
Thailand LAV-150
Turkey LAV-150
Venezuela LAV-150

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