The Oshkosh Defense HEMTT A3 Diesel Electric


About The Oshkosh Defense HEMTT A3 Diesel Electric

The Oshkosh® Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) A3 is a technology demonstrator with hybrid ProPulse® Diesel Electric powerplant, which provide an improved fuel efficiency off up to 20 percent over current HEMTT models.  It also has:

  • TAK-4 independent suspension improves maneuverability, ride quality and mobility
  • On-board generator delivers up to 100 kW of clean, exportable military-grade AC power
  • Simplified maintenance: modular design, on-board diagnostics, single-fluid lubricant


This advanced vehicle can climb a 60 percent grade, thunder across the most challenging terrain and achieve 65 mph on secondary roads. In short, the A3 allows fuel, equipment and supplies to keep pace with forward Army units.

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