The US HMMWV Avenger SAM vehicle

The US HMMWV Avenger SAM vehicle is used for the short range anti-aircraft role which identifies, tracks and engages targets such as low-flying helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft from a stationery or moving position.

The US HMMWV Avenger SAM vehicle Launcher Development

Boeing developed the turret launcher system, with a pod of 4 missiles mounted on either side and a .50 cal MG in the 1980’s, but of course there are varying missiles that can be used to fulfil this role and were tested.

In in 1984 the FIM-92 Stinger was tested. The system proved successful in a number of tests in varying conditions and the avenger was ordered for US Army service in 1990. The system was used in 1991 Gulf War and the Army signed an additional contract for another 679 vehicles, bringing the total order to 1004 vehicles. These vehicles started to replace existing (at the time) systems such as the M163 and M167 in US Army service.

During the mid to late 1990’s, a number of different missiles were tested from the successful Boeing launcher system, these included the British Starstreak (which can be used against soft skin vehicles) and the French Matra Guardian missile. The Stinger remained in US Service, but these missiles would go on to be selected with future export vehicles.

Test firing demonstrations took place in 2004 of this variant modified by re-locating the M3P machine gun over the turret cab to allow a 360-degree field of fire, ready-use machine gun ammunition stowage increased to 600 rounds and the option to substitute launchers for 2 FGM-148 Javelin missiles in place of 1 Stinger pod.

The US HMMWV Avenger SAM vehicle Specifications

Length – 16 ft 3 in (4.95 m)
Width – 7 ft 2 in (2.49 m)
Height – 8 ft 8 in (2.64 m)
Weight – 8,600 lb (4300 kg)
Crew – 2 (Basic), 3 (STC)
Road speed – 55 mph (89 km/h)
Range – 275 miles (443 km)
Primary weapon – 4/8 FIM-92 Stinger missiles
Secondary weapon – .50 M3P machine gun
Engine – Detroit Diesel cooled V-8
Engine power output – 135 hp (101 kW)

The US HMMWV Avenger SAM vehicle Operators

United States
Republic of China (Taiwan)
Bahrain Received in 2003
Lithuania Received in 2007
Chile To receive 36 AN/TWQ-1 Avenger units plus 378 Stinger missiles

The US HMMWV Avenger SAM vehicle Combat History

Gulf War
Various Balkan Wars
2003 Invasion of Iraq (Vehicles had 1 of 2 pods removed and MG moved so could operate as convoy support)
War on terror in Afghanistan

The US HMMWV Avenger SAM vehicle Latest news …

Boeing has successfully demonstrated the use of its Laser Avenger air-defence system to destroy improvised explosive devices (IED’s) from a safe distance. During a field test held in September 2009 at the Redstone Army Arsenal in Huntsville, Laser Avenger neutralized more than 50 IED and unexploded ordnance of different types, including large-cal artillery munitions, smaller bomblets and mortar rounds. The system operated at safe distances from the targets and under a variety of conditions, including different angles and ranges. Soldiers travelling with Laser Avenger would not have to get out of their armoured vehicles or wait for an explosive ordnance disposal team to destroy an IED and continue their mission.