The US Medium Tactical Truck By Oshkosh Defense

The US Medium Tactical Truck

The US Medium Tactical Truck By Oshkosh Defense is described by its manufacturer as ….

Oshkosh Defense introduces a new smaller and lighter off-road vehicle built to military specifications. The MTT (Medium Tactical Truck) is extremely mobile, lightweight and affordable but is tough enough to be called an Oshkosh. Available in two vehicle sizes, lightweight (4×4) and medium (6×6), the MTT achieves levels of performance not seen in trucks of this price range.

The MTT’s duty profile is 30% off-road and 70% on-road, and it will operate in climatic extremes from –31° to 52°C while carrying a full payload cross-country. It is capable of traversing a 60% gradient and a 30% side slope with its maximum cross-country load. The MTT fords up to 4 ft. (1.2 m) of water, travels at 65 mph (105 km/h) on paved surfaces and has an on-road cruising range of up to 400 mi. (644 km).

The demand on your forces to move supplies and equipment at a fast pace continues to increase. The unmatched mobility of the MTT means you can move wherever and whenever the battle demands.

The US Medium Tactical Truck By Oshkosh Defense Operators

Egypt ordered 30 vehicles in 2007 for  $4.9 million.

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