The American T5 Medium Tank

The American T5 Medium Tank was developed using many components of the M2 Light Tank, hence its similar appearance, but is longer and larger than the M2 Light allowing it to be fitted with a 75mm howitzer.

The American T5 Medium Tank

It used the same vertical-volute spring suspension as the other M2 & M3 light/medium tanks, but used x3 sets of paired bogie wheels. Phase I development had x2 37mm guns, Phase II had a 75mm howitzer and Phase III was a pilot model for the M2 Medium Tank using a larger radial engine and wider tracks. A total of 15 vehicles for the T5 project were built by the US Governments Rock Island Arsenal.

The American T5 Medium Tank Spec’s

Armament: Dependant on Phase
Armour: Up to 25mm steel
Crew: 5
Dimensions: (Phase III) Length 5.33m / Width 2.59m  / Height 2.86m
Weight: 13.60 tonne
Engine: 250hp Continental 7-cylinder radial diesel
Top Road Speed: 32 km/h
Operational Range: 209km

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