The VEC Scout Car aka the VEC-M1

The VEC Scout Car AKA the VEC-M1

The VEC Scout Car aka the VEC-M1 aka the BMR-625 aka Pegaso 3562, the vehicle was modified in the late 1990. It has served with Spanish Forces (who are the only operators) during peace keeping/security in the Balkans, Iraq and Lebanon with no known losses. The vehicle uses many components of the Spanish BMR-600 APC. First prototypes were delivered in 1978 and a total of 235 vehicles were ordered.

The VEC Scout Car AKA the VEC-M1

The driver sits hull front, the two man turret is located in the middle, which is manned by the commander and gunner, the engine is located behind the turret and two scout troops in the rear with their own entrance.

The vehicles principal armament is the world famous M242 25mm chain gun and a coaxial 7.62mm MG.

The level of protection the vehicle offers is not fully known nor if it has NBC protection, however it is built of aluminium and has smoke grenade launchers mounted either side of the turret to lay down a smoke screen.

The VEC Scout Car AKA the VEC-M1

It is a 6×6, currently powered by a 315 hp Scania DS9 diesel 6 cylinder engine, disposed in the rear right side of the hull, which replaced the original Pegaso 306 hp engine and it has an amphibious ability, as two hydrojets for displacement in water were an optional equipment.

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