The Vickers Mk 5 Light tank

During the amalgamation of private AFV and state run manufacturers during the 1980’s in the UK, a new pool of technical expertise and resources was created to generate a new push of British Tanks on to the export market by Vickers.

The Vickers Mk 5 Light tank was aimed for the less affluent (wealthy) countries. Like the Mk7, the hull was supplied by another country, in this case US firm FMC and hence its designation Vickers/FMC VFM5 tank.

The turret supplied by Vickers housed the legendary British L7 rifled 105mm main gun.

The vehicle was powered by the US Detroit Diesel V6, which generated 992hp.

Being a light tank, this was reflected in its armoured protection, being only made of light aluminium and lack the protection of an MBT like the Mk7.

Completed in 1987, it never attracted any sales.