The Vickers Mk 7 Valiant Main Battle Tank

During the amalgamation of private AFV and state run manufacturers during the 1980’s in the UK, a new pool of technical expertise and resources was created to generate a new push of British Tanks on to the export market by Vickers.

The Vickers Mk 7 Valiant Main Battle Tank was a serious bit of kit and a potential heavy weight on the battlefield and was completed in 1985.

It used a German supplied hull similar to the Leopard 2’s and a German MTU MB873 V12 diesel engine, which generated 1500hp. This gave it a top road speed of 72km/h and range of 550km.

It was covered with the superior British Chobham Composite Armour and equipped with an NBC system.

Vickers supplied the turret and with some forward thinking it could be fitted with not only the legendary L11, 120mm rifled calibre Length 55 main gun, but with the French 120mm smoothbore (French use their own smoothbores and ammo) or the German 120mm L44 international smoothbore. It also was equipped with an independent commanders sight, giving the vehicle a hunter killer capability.

The vehicle never attracted any sales, but was a great springing board for the Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank.