The US Stingray Tank

The US Stingray Tank

The US Stingray Tank

Stingray is a light recon tank mounting a 105mm low recoil main gun. First prototypes were completed in 1985. It went on to complete trials with the Royal Thai Army who placed an order for 106 vehicles. Deliveries were completed in 1990.

The armour is rated to withstand 14.5mm rounds.  Its armed with a Low Recoil Force, 105mm rifled main gun, which is equipped with a thermal sleeve. It can fire the full range of NATO rounds and can carry 32 in total.

For close encounters it has a coaxial 7.62mm MG (2400 rounds carried) and a .50cal M2 Browning on the commanders cupola and can be used for the Anti-Aircraft role. It has a set of 4 smoke grenade dischargers on either side of the turret.  The gun and turret are stabilised as is the day & night sights for the Commander and Gunner. The gunners sight incorporates a laser range finder for the Fire Control System. The Driver is seated in the front of the vehicle (centred) and the engine to the rear and the loader is in the left of the turret.

The US Stingray II Tank

US Firm Cadillac Gage developed and built, what is now known as Stingray I, for the Royal Thai Army. But the firm was merged with Textron Marine in 1994 and is now known as Textron Marine & Land Systems. TMLS have gone on to implement and upgrade program for new builds called the Stingray II.

The Stingray II is fitted with appliqué armour and is rated to withstand 23mm. The Detroit Diesel Allison 8V-92TA 535 hp (399 kW), liquid cooled turbo charged 2 stroke V-8 diesel engine has been modified to give an increased HP (now 550).

The FCS has been upgraded to improve first hit capability and an NBC protection system was added. The Stingray II was marketed for export and a prototype built, but never attracted any serious interest and its not clear if its still marketed.