WZ-132 Light Tank

WZ-132 Light Tank
WZ-132 Light Tank

The WZ-132 Light Tank was a Chinese prototype developed in the mid 1960’s in an attempt to produce a light tank that offered better protection and firepower than the in-service Type 62 Light Tank.

A few prototypes were built before the project was canceled in the late 1960’s.

WZ-132 Light Tank Secifications

Weight: 22.5 tonne
Length Gun Forward: 8.53m
Width: 2.92 m
Height: 2.12 m
Crew: 4 (commander, loader, gunner, driver)
Main armament: 100mm smoothbore
Secondary armament: 12.7mm machine gun & 2 × 7.62mm machine guns
Power/weight: 18 kW/t
Suspension: Torsion bar suspension
Operational range: 500 km
Top Road Speed:    65 km/h

WZ-132 Light Tank
WZ-132 Light Tank