The 9P157 Khrizantema-S Russian Tank Destroyer

The 9P157 Khrizantema-S Russian Tank Destroyer
The 9P157 Khrizantema-S Russian Tank Destroyer

The 9P157 Khrizantema-S is a Russian Tracked Tank Destroyer. It consists of a modified BMP-3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle hull (called 9P157) equipped with the Khrizantema-S Anti-Tank Missile system. An improved version called the 9P157-2 Khrizantema-S has been developed.

The 9P157 Khrizantema-S Tank Destroyer

9P157-2 launcher preparing to fire
9P157-2 launcher preparing to fire

The system comprises of a retractable launching arm, which has a limited traverse left & right and x2 launching tubes. An autoloader located in the rear of the 9P157-2 capable of carrying 15 missiles (mixed load if required). The launching retracts in to the hull to be reloaded.

Detection and guidance is achieved by using either the vehicles standard gunners sight channel with a thermal channel and its built in laser designator or its radar control system, which can detect and guide the ATM through smoke (referring to tanks smoke grenades), fog, and snow.

9P157 sight firing mode
9P157 sight firing mode

The Khrizantema-S fires 2 different missiles, each with their own type of warhead:

1. 9M123F missile – 9N146F High Explosive warhead (TNT equivalent 13.5 kg)
2. 9M123 missile – 9N146-1 HEAT warhead, which is a Tandem Charge (armor penetration 1000 to 1100 mm behind ERA)

The 9P157 can Traverse 85 degrees left and right and elevation minus 5 to plus 15 degrees.

Specifications of 9M123 and 9M123F antitank guided missiles

Maximum firing range: 5000 m, min.
Minimum firing range: 400 m.
Flight speed: Supersonic
9N146-1 warhead (9M123 missile): Tandem HEAT (armour penetration 1000 to 1100 mm behind ERA).
9N146F warhead (9M123F missile): HE (FAE, TNT equivalent 13.5 kg, min.).
The missile guidance system includes a radio receiver and a photodetector installed in the C&G section for respectively automatic radio beam or semi-automatic laser beam riding.
Warhead diameter: 155 mm.
Length of canitserized missile: 2300 mm.
Weight of canitserized missile: 62 kg, max.
Altitude for combat use of 9M123 and 9M123F missiles above sea level: Up to 3000 m.

Columb of 9P157
Columb of 9P157

The 9P157 Khrizantema-S Specifications

  • Height: 85m
  • Width: 23m
  • Length (Hull): 71m
  • Length (Gun Forward): n/a
  • Launcher Elevation: 85 degrees left and right/ Elevation minus 5 to plus 15 degrees (Radar moves in tandem with the launcher)
  • Missile Storage: x2 ready to fire in launcher & x15 in the autoloader
  • Rate of fie: 4 missiles/min
  • Top Road Speed: 70 km/h

The 9K123 Khrizantema-S

The 9K123 KHRIZANTEMA-S: consists of the 9P157 Combat Vehicle and testing/diagnostic support trucks/equipment

The 9P157 Khrizantema-S Picture Gallery

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