The AEC Command Post Vehicle

AEC (Associated Equipment Company) was a British vehicle manufacturer which built buses, motor coaches and lorries from 1912 until 1979.

During the 1930’s the company built The AEC Matador artillery tractor, which was a 4×2 lorry used to tow artillery guns on the battlefield.

The AEC Command Post Vehicle – 4×4

The Matador 4×2 chassis was used to build the AEC Command Post Vehicle. The 4×4 version entered production in 1941. A 6×6 wheeled version based on the AEC 0857 lorry chassis entered service in 1944. The 6 wheeled CPV had 2 designations based on the type of radios it carried, HP (High Power) or LP (Low Power) and had external antenna masts.

The AEC Command Post Vehicle – 6×6

It carried radio equipment for commanders to monitor units under their command and large boards to mount maps of the battlefield. The vehicles had comfortable seating and earen’t the nickname “Dorchester” after the 5 star Dorchester hotel in London.

The vehicle commander and driver used a side to enter the cab and the rear doors where used by field commanders and radio operators.

151 were built in total and the Mk2 had a roof mounted frame for setting up an external tarpaulin shelter for staff or briefings. Production ended in 1945.

The AEC Command Post Vehicle Spec’s 

(6×6 Wheeled version)

Armour: 9mm steel
Crew: 8
Dimensions: Length 7.94m / Width 2.41m / Height 2.69m
Weight: 18,289 tonne
Engine: 150hp AEC A1986 diesel
Top Road Speed: 48.5 km/h