The Brazilian BMS-1 Alacran Half-Track APC

BMS-1 Alacran Half-Track

The Brazilian Army had operated the American M3 Half-Track armoured personnel carrier up to and including the 1970‘s, which Brazilian firm Cardoen Industries had previously overhauled and upgraded for them.

This had given the company the opportunity to develop their own half track Armoured Personnel Carrier called the BMS-1 Alacran. Developed in the 1980’s it failed to attract any orders.

The vehicle was marketed as a family of vehicles, which included a Multiple Launch Rocket System with a 70-mm LAU-97 launcher.


Armaments: x1 .50cal MG
Armour: Unknown
Crew: 2 plus 10 Troops
Dimensions: Length 6.37m / Width 2.36m / Height 2.3m
Weight: 10.5 tonne
Engine: Detroit Diesel 6V-53T 275hp Diesel
Top Road Speed: 80 km/h
Operational Range: 900 km