HY473 (Type 82) Heavy Equipment Transporter

HY473 (Type 82) Heavy Equipment Transporter

Chinese Firm Hanyang Special Auto Works began to develop the HY473 (Type 82) Heavy Equipment Transporter in the late 1970s as a HET capable of towing a 50 ton payload on the trailer.

The Type 82 HET comprises a Hanyang Special Vehicle Works HY473 6X6 tractor truck and a three-axle HY962 semi-trailer. The HY473 tractor truck has a twin-winch located behind the driving cab and a number of variants have been developed.

HY473 (Type 82) Heavy Equipment Transporter Variants

HY4160 – HET tractor, 4X4
HY4191 – HET tractor, 4X4, 25 ton
HY473AS – HET tractor, 6X6, 50 ton
HY4301S – HET tractor, 6X6, 30 ton
HY4320AH – HET tractor, 6X6, 50 ton
HY4320S – HET tractor, 6X6, 60 ton
HY4390S – HET tractor, 8X8, 60 ton

Specifications (HY473)

Seating: 1+5
Configuration: 6X6
Weight (unladen, without semi-trailer): 12,500kg
Weight (unladen, with semi-trailer): 32,000kg
Weight (laden, with semi-trailer): 91,000kg
Max load: 50,000kg
Length (tractor only): 7.345m
Width: 2.580m
Height (when laden): 2.95m
Wheel base: 3.500m + 1.500m
Track (front/rear): 2.05m / 1.92m
Ground clearance: 340mm
Fuel tank capacity: N/A
Max road speed: 64km/h
Max gradient (laden, with semi-trailer): 22%
Engine: 355 hp@2500 r/min, 4-stroke, 12V NORINCO KHD F12L413F air-cooled diesel
Gearbox: ZF5S-111GPA, 9 forward and 1 reverse gears
Tyres: 12.00X20