The Russian ASU-57 Tank Destroyer

Russian ASU-57 Tank Destroyer

The Russian ASU-57 Tank Destroyer (Avisdesantnaya Samochodnaya Ustanovka) was designed to meet the needs of the Russian Airborne forces for a tank destroyer, which meant it had to be lightweight so it could be dropped by air with paratroopers.

A modified T-70 light tank chassis was selected for the open top structure, which was mounted with a Model 1943 M-55 anti-tank gun. The vehicle and driver were located in from of the structure. The rest of the 3 man crew were located in the structure with the ammunition.

The vehicles development started in the late 1940’s with the Astrov Design Bureau and accepted in to service in 1951. It was eventually replaced by the ASU-85 during the 1960’s which offered better protection and firepower. It was operated by Egypt, Ethiopia, Russia, Vietnam and Yugoslavia.


Armaments: x1 57mm anti-tank gun
Armour: max 15mm thick steel
Crew: 3
Dimensions: Length 3.73m / Width 2.2m / Height 1.42m
Weight: 7.4 tonne
Engine: ZIL-123 6 cylinder 110hp Petrol
Top Road Speed: 65 km/h
Operational Range: 320 km